[pptp-server] pptp without ppp

Lillian Kulhanek Lillian.Kulhanek at energy.on.ca
Wed Sep 20 13:23:54 CDT 2000

> Most of the documentation I've read about assumes the pptp server to be
> the same machine as the machine that connects to the internet.  If it's
> behind this machine, is ppp still necessary, ie. does pptp require it?

Yes, your missing the "true" functionality of PPP, it is Point-To-Point.  A
VPN is Point-To-Point,  pppd really has nothing to do with modems or dialing
(it lets "chat" handle that).  PPP is used for DSL lines, Cisco routers,
other type of VPNs, etc....


Yes, when I say out loud the words that make up the pptp and ppp
abbreviations, it does seem like a silly question.  ;)
I was thinking more from a hardware perspective - ppp is required for a
serial connection, e.g. between two modems, to transmit IP.  I was wondering
if you remove the serial device, is it still necessary to have the protocol
for the serial devices?  But since pptp needs ppp to run, and ppp is indeed
used on media with non-serial interfaces, the point seems moot.

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