[pptp-server] PoPToP v 1.0.0 installation on Linux kernel 2.2.14

Aldo S. Lagana alagana at discmail.com
Mon Sep 25 15:33:10 CDT 2000

I cannot get the ppp_mppe.c file to get compiled into the modules
directory - I have had no problems with it on kernel version 2.2.10 (these
are both on Caldera distro).

I get the patch and apply it...it seems to create the file (or make does - I
am not sure), but when it is said and done I do not have the ppp_mppe.o file
available to load as a module.  This is a clean kernel install, so that
should not be a problem...

any ideas will help

Aldo S Lagana
alagana at DISCmail.com
860 674 0550

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