[pptp-server] error 678

Yvo Boudenoodt yvo at boudenoodt.com
Thu Sep 28 08:52:13 CDT 2000

probably your provider is filtering one or more ports needed for ppp

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i have a Linux PPTP Server installed.

When I connect to my server with my client2 from my Public LAN there is no

When I connect to my server with my client1 from my ISP access i got the
error 678.
All connection (modem) and configuration (IP address, ...) of the client1
are good.

When I connect to my server with my client3 with direct access to internet
(LS / ADSL) i got the error 629. On my log a can see a request from client3
to my VPN server on port 1723.

                                        (Public LAN)
[client1]---(ISP)----(internet)----[router]------[PPTP Server]----(Private
                          |                    |
                          |                [client2]

chap-secrets is the same for the 3 tests ...

What is happening ?


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