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Adam Lang aalang at rutgersinsurance.com
Thu Sep 28 11:23:45 CDT 2000

So I should add the routing information to my Internet router (since that is
the default gateway)?

I was assuming it was a routing problem, but am not sure how to have fixed

Adam Lang
Systems Engineer
Rutgers Casualty Insurance Company
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> As Christ Carella said, make sure that /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward is
> set to 1.  Redhat also has a value for forwarding in another file,
> something like /etc/sysconf/network that needs to be set to 1.
> Anyways, what is probably the really problem is that your
> networks doesn't know the route to your (vpn) network.
> The ping is probably getting to the intranet, it is just that they
> try sending the reply back through their default gateway, which is
> more then likely off ot the internet or some other places that has no
> clue where is.  The best way to fix this would be to add
> a route statement to your default router that says the network
> is accessible via
> Or, if i understand proxyarp correctly, you could assign your vpn
> clients addresses on the same subnet as your intranet, and with proxyarp
> on, the vpn server would proxy the vpn clients arp address/ip address to
> itself, thus receiving the packets itself and passing them on to the
> vpn client... if you go with the first suggest (what you are doing
> i prefer myself), which is having all of the vpn clients on their own
> subnet,
> you can disable the proxyarp option.
> I hope i have actually be helpful, let me know if there is anything else i
> can do.
> Kenny Austin
> kennya at carlislefsp.com
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> I'm still stuck on a problem from earlier.  I really have no idea left on
> how to fix it and I have read the FAQs.
> I have an internal network of  I have a PPTP server at address
> It is connected to the Internet at address
> The local ip for the PPTP server for the tunnel is  It
> out the address of for the remote client.
> The remote client connects to the PPTP server fine and can ping upto
> How do I get the remote client to ping another server on the
> network?
> Also, I do have "proxyarp" in the options file.
> If I can't get this in the next day or so, I'm just going to drop it and
> look to use something else.
> Adam Lang
> Systems Engineer
> Rutgers Casualty Insurance Company
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