[pptp-server] PPTP encryption or IPSEC

Kenny Austin kennya at carlislefsp.com
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If the connection is made between the two firewall/routers,
then I would personally use something besides PPTP, the biggest
advantage to PPTP is that vpn client comes with Windows, but
if it is two firewalls that you are setting the connection up
inbetween, that doesn't matter.  Look into VPND, or using SSH
to encrypt the tunnel between the two networks.  That is what
I would do.. but then again, if everyone did things the way I
did, I wouldn't have a job or girlfriend, so do whatever floats
your boat.
Kenny Austin
kennya at carlislefsp.com

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Previous post brought up an interesting point.

To get from point A to point B, possibly from inside
firewalls, but across the Internet, whats the best

Use PPTP with encryption, or PPTP (to get a remote
address - just pure tunnelling) and then run IPSEC to
scramble up the bits?
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