[pptp-server] pptpd questions/info newbie...

Dean Roman droman at romansys.com
Thu Oct 4 05:51:56 CDT 2001

==> Don't know if I was allowed to send email to this list before I registered on it, so I resent it after I signed up.

Hello all,
   I've been using Linux for many years now, and have been tasked to
setup a vpn that will have linux on the server side, and win2k
clients(behind NAT'd firewalls...like cable modem running NAT) on the
client side.

   Sounds to me like PPTP is the best solution?  However, I'm a bit lost
about PPTPD as it seems the docs that I have are outdated as are the

My setup is:
   DISTRIBUTION:  Debian/GNU Linux(woody/testing)
   SETUP: Gateway(firewall) running iptables+bridging
   KERNEL:  2.4.9
   PPP: 2.4.1
   PPTPD:  1.0.0

I have some questions that hopefully you all can help me out with:
Here are my questions:
1) Will PPTP work with the win2k clients behind NAT'd firewalls (like a
cable modem running NAT)?
2) Does the basic package found in woody WITHOUT any patches support any
kind of encryption mechanism?
3) If NO on 2, where can I find good docs/patches on how to add the
MPPE/chap to kernel 2.4.9 and any other patches I need.
4) Do I need to patch the ppp daemon in Debian woody for this to work?
5) Is the concept the same as that for a regular dialup connection using
6) Could somebody explain exactly what needs to be patched in order to
achieve some type of security(link encryption)?
7) If I downgraded to kernel 2.2.19 would this help things out?

Any other info. would be really helpful in my learning how pptpd works.

Thanks for help...

   ---Dean Roman.

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