[pptp-server] pptpd questions/info newbie...

Martin Feeney martin at tuatha.org
Mon Oct 8 05:16:24 CDT 2001

On Sat, 06 Oct 2001 01:55:13 Neale Banks wrote:

> If you've already done this with the ppp package in woody, then I'd be
> very interested in the procedure you used (I unpacked the source package
> and was most surprised to find what I now know to be DBS format - I'm
> still trying to locate doucmentation on the "correct" way of handling
> DBS).

Sorry for the delay - didn't read email at the weekend.

If you apt-get source ppp. Then in the ppp-2.4.1 dir you'll see a debian
dir. Under that you'll see a patches dir. There's a bunch of numbered
patches that debian apply to the standard distribution.

What I've done is added 998ppp-mppe.diff and 999stripMSDomain.diff to that
dir. Then from the ppp-2.4.1 dir (back up two), run dpkg-buildpackage and
it'll build a .deb for you.

Some of the patches required some modifications for 2.4.1.

Have a look a http://greenspot.ie.nwcgroup.com/ppp/ for the patches and
the deb.

Just remember to put the ppp package on hold so it doesn't get overwritten
by the non-mppe ppp package next time you do and apt-get upgrade.


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