[pptp-server] Immunix and/or kernel 2.2.19

Joey Coco anesthes at cisdi.com
Sun Oct 14 09:10:56 CDT 2001


If you don't have the integrity to at least join the list, how do you
expect people to help you?

Anyway, Your safer to get a production kernel. 2.4.x works great with
PPTP, better than my experience with 2.2.x.  You'll need to make sure your
system can support 2.4, which means compiler, libraries, gnu utils, new
PPPD, etc.

--or-- You can figure out what files are not patching, and do it manually.
Thats something you'll have to learn sooner or later anyway - welcome to

Try downloading the stock 2.2.19 kernel, and running diff against it and
your Immunix patched version in the directories the mppe patch complains

-- Joe

On Sun, 14 Oct 2001, Dan Bethe wrote:

> 	Hi all.  Please reply directly to me because I don't subscribe to this list.
> 	Has anyone gotten poptop to work on Immunix with kernel 2.2.19?  The kernel is
> compiled with standard gcc but I can't get the patches to work right.  I don't
> think there's a problem due to it being Immunix, and I think the focus is just
> on the kernel version.
> 	I used the tutorial here:
> http://www.vibres.com/pptpd/example.html
> 	I did everything listed there but of course the patch is for 2.2.17.  The
> patches don't complete like they do on stock 2.2.17 and I can't build the
> kernel modules.  Any advice?  Should I downgrade to 2.2.17, or upgrade to 2.4? 
> This is only to get the mppe module so must I go without encryption?
> 	Again, please reply directly to me because I don't subscribe to this list.
> 	Thanks!
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