[pptp-server] modules not loading

Dan DiNicolo dan at 2000trainers.com
Tue Oct 16 13:17:11 CDT 2001

Having fought with poptop for a couple of weeks now, I have everything
running on Redhat 7.0 using the 2.2.19 kernel. The problem I am having is
that on boot, my ppp_mppe, ppp_deflate, and bsd_comp modules are not
loading. When I load them manually, I can make connections without issue. I
know I can write a script that will load them on startup, but I would much
rather have them load properly via modules.conf. The relevant contents of my
modules.conf file is below, any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated.

alias ppp-compress-18 ppp_mppe
alias ppp-compress-21 bsd_comp
alias ppp-compress-24 ppp_deflate
alias ppp-compress-26 ppp_deflate


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