[pptp-server] Pptp is working, however something's wrong!

Cowles, Steve Steve at SteveCowles.com
Tue Oct 16 17:12:57 CDT 2001

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> Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2001 4:17 PM
> To: Jerry Vonau; pptp-server at lists.schulte.org
> Subject: Re: [pptp-server] Pptp is working, however something's wrong!
> I changed the client's network address to and 
> in doing that, re-set the firewall rules for forwarding around
> the firewall, and it works now. I can now ping the client, and
> client still pings internal addresses.

Sounds like your pptp server was not configured to act as a proxyarp for the
pptp client.

> I'm working on network browsing now. Thanks again

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