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Thu Oct 18 08:11:00 CDT 2001

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> Hi all,
> I have a small problem with Windows clients (Laptops) who 
> connect to both our Corporate LAN and our VPN (Not at the
> same time).
> I have senior managers who get the shits with this every time 
> they need to VPN in, and some have given up all together. Has
> anyone experienced this or do the majority of "your" VPN users
> always remain as VPN users?
> Matt. :)

This is a very typical problem with LAN and Roadwarrior types. Especially
when your dealing with static IP's. As Tim Brody stated, the ip/netmask is
being associated with the NIC card and not the PPTP tunnel. 

Another alternative that I use (especially for non-technical management
types) is to create a separate windows hardware profile. i.e. Office/Remote.
Then in Windows Device Manager -- disable the Ethernet NIC for the "Remote"
hardware profile.

This approach has the usual pluses/minuses associated with it. 

PLUS: It fixes this problem by not initializing the NIC at boot up.
Dialup/PPTP and TCP/IP stack still function normally.

MINUS: When the user turns on their PC/Laptop, they will now be prompted to
select the appropriate hardware profile before windows fully boots. The way
I explain how to correctly answer this additional prompt to the non
technical managers types... Ask yourself the following question: "Where are
you powering up your Laptop? The Office or are you Remote?" So far, even the
most computer illiterate can correctly answer this prompt.

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