[pptp-server] IP Question.

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Thu Oct 18 21:41:30 CDT 2001

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> True.
> I also liked the suggestion of using startup profiles, or 
> (better still) removing the PCMCIA card from the PC when
> remote.

Based on my experience, asking (or even training) non-technical types to
remove a PCMCIA card is like asking them to make a change to the registry.
They will eventually get frustrated and stop using that feature.

> BTW, Win2K handles this in a much more elegant way, as it 
> 'knows' when the local NIC is not connected to a network.

Agreed. W2K does handle this situation better. Then again, in my so called
"perfect world", all companies would have unlimited IT budgets and be able
to send Microsoft huge licensing fees. Then I could configure all the road
warrior types with W2K and IPSEC. :-)

Steve Cowles

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