[pptp-server] Routing issues

Dougal Holmes dholmes at bigpond.net.au
Fri Oct 19 22:18:27 CDT 2001

Not an easy answer, unfortunately.

Windows clients have two options for routing when using VPN connections:

1.    Use the connection as the default gateway for all packets
2.    Only use the network connected ("Use default gateway" disabled) (which
will work for you, as all your addresses are on the same network).

Which is a real pain if you want to have several networks at the end of the
VPN connection, but keep your current default gateway.

What we do is use the CMAK kit (part of IEAK) to create a custom connection,
and wrote a small VB program to call the route command after the connection
comes up to add specific routes to some networks. It's grunchy, but it

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> Here's a question I'm sure has a quick answer.  I've
> just recently installed PoPToP for VPN services, and
> when I have users connect remotely through the
> internet to my VPN server, my machine becomes their
> default gateway.  Why is this and is there a way
> around it?  Here's my Network for those interested
> Local Machines        Linux Box
> on 10.10.0.x    --->
> subnet                Dynamic IP(internet)(eth1)
> The VPN runs on the
> localip
> remoteip
> I'm probably going about this all wrong, but any help
> is appreciated :)
> J
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