[pptp-server] pptpd dies spontaneously

Jeff Shanholtz jsubs at shanholtz.com
Wed Oct 31 01:28:18 CST 2001

On a number of occasions the pptpd process has simply died. Running
"service pptpd status" reports "pptpd dead but subsys locked" and, sure
enough, running "ps -A" confirms that it isn't running. Restarting the
service gets me back up and running. Anyone know what would cause this?
I'm running 1.1.2 with ppp 2.4.1 under kernel 2.4.9 and no patches. Is
this an example of when it is better to use the "stable" release over
the latest? Or would it be a configuration thing? The last few lines in
my log file are...

Oct 30 10:37:57 shane pptpd[5923]: GRE: read error: Bad file descriptor
Oct 30 10:37:57 shane pptpd[5923]: CTRL: PTY read or GRE write failed
Oct 30 10:37:57 shane pptpd[5923]: CTRL: Client control
connection finished

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