[pptp-server] gre protocol not available - help!

Örjan Johansson orjo at bolibompa.com
Sat Apr 6 10:50:41 CST 2002

Interesting. I'm not so sure that's the problem I'm having, though. Even
a reboot doesn't guarantee success: sometimes it works, sometimes (most
of the times) it don't - and I can't see a pattern. Anyone else have
this problem? I'm getting a bit desperate, it doesn't feel like
something I can recommend a customer if it's not more stable and

Any kernel versions, pptp versions or ppp versions better than others?
Any hints on what I should look at? And about the ip_conntrack thing.
Any versions of iptables that handles this differently?

Thanx for your input!


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this is indeed somewhat of a firewall problem. It has something to do
with entries in /proc/net/ip_conntrack. Haven't gotten to the bottom of
it, but when you get it, there is allready some GRE connection (or
history thereof) from the client or to the server. Wait until the entry
is gone (5 to 10 mins I think), then you can make a new connection.

Richard de Vroede

On Thu, 2002-04-04 at 00:28, truin at enterprise.truin.com wrote:
> IS your test computer behind a NAT'd firewall?  I have the GRE 
> Protocol
> Not Available error when my Win client is on a private IP being NAT'd 
> behind a linux firewall.  Perhaps your situation is similar?
> -=Jason=-
> On Wed, 3 Apr 2002, [Windows-1252] Örjan Johansson wrote:
> > I just looked through my .config file, and it says 
> > CONFIG_NET_IPGRE=y so the line in modules.conf is as vain as I 
> > suspected right? The utterly confusing thing is that once or twice 
> > I've got it working, without doing anything...... So why is the 
> > protocol not available 9 times out of ten? Any ideas at all?
> >  
> > Cheers,
> > Örjan
> > 
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