[pptp-server] 10Mbit VPN line

Francesco lists at colliniconsulting.it
Thu Apr 11 00:07:18 CDT 2002


i am using a vpn pptp connection between two linux gateways to join a remote
branch office to the central quarter. The connection is based over two ALDS
lines. The enterprise wants to improve this VPN and, as in that city there
is the optical fibre internet connections available, they are thinking
buying two 10Mb optical fibre lines.

Two problem: can poptop support this kind of fast connections or i will have
a reduction of the bandwith available? To crypt/decrypt the data in case of
heavy traffic on the vpn, do you think the two pentium 166/64Mb RAM i have
are enough or i must have to furnish two better machines?

Thank you, hoping hear from you soon.


Francesco Collini

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