[pptp-server] Windows XP, and it's inability to Browse HTML pages when on VPN.

Matthew Gavin matt at tempo.com.au
Thu Aug 1 21:44:26 CDT 2002

Hi Brent, thanx for your reply... answers inline.

> Although you don;t mention it, are you using an HTTP proxy like squid?
> If so, try an explicit exception in your proxy setup for the IP of the
> Intranet.

Interesting, will look at that. It works for Windows 2000/NT4/9x, and I have not touched
the firewall for months. So I would assume it is a requirement of XP only.

> Can you ping the Intranet servers IP from the XP box?

I can ping and telnet to any of the hosts. I can even telnet to them on port 80. It is
just IE that is having a fit.

> If so, can you ping by FQDN?


> If so, is there a proxy inbetween?


> Is the poptop server on a Firewall configed for proxy access but not http?

The poptop server has no firewall, but their is a Cisco in between them and http is

> Have you tried flushing IE6.0's cache on said XP box?

> Anything else you can offer by way of info?


> PS: Is there a reason for the public IPs being used for PopTop connections?

I can't believe I did not edit those out, I normally 203.x.x.x them. Not happy about that.
The server is in a DMZ, We have a Class C and using the 203 subnet which helps with smtpd
rules and a number of other firewall variables.

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