[pptp-server] Windows XP, and it's inability to Browse HTML pages when on VPN.

Brent Wallis brent.w at infosynergy.com.au
Thu Aug 1 21:34:01 CDT 2002

Although you don;t mention it, are you using an HTTP proxy like squid?
If so, try an explicit exception in your proxy setup for the IP of the
I have had the same prob and it seems related to IE6 proxy implementations.
*shrug* it's just a stab, but worth a try based on your info here.
You don;t mention any tests in lower layers...
Can you ping the Intranet servers IP from the XP box?
If so, can you ping by FQDN?
If so, is there a proxy inbetween?
Is the poptop server on a Firewall configed for proxy access but not http?
(ie: is say port 3128 open for your proxy but port 80 closed for the
direction your data is trying to travel?)
Have you tried flushing IE6.0's cache on said XP box?
Anything else you can offer by way of info?

Brent Wallis
PS: Is there a reason for the public IPs being used for PopTop connections?
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Hi all, I recently upgraded my VPN to pptpd-1.1.3-1 and ppp-mppe-2.4.1-6.

Everything has been working perfectly, however... I just found that Windows
XP cannot view
Web Pages, in particular my Intranet.

Windows 2000/NT4/9x have no problems whatsoever. My config is very simple
(follows), I'm
at a loss here... I know it is VPN related because when the user dials in
directly via
ppp, the Intranet page is accessible. As soon as I get him to connect
through the VPN, it
fails. I don't get any errors, the page just does not load.

All clients are using Internet Explorer 6.0x... Has anyone encounter this

name poptop
#ms-wins your.server.here
option /etc/ppp/options.pptpd

Thanks in advance.
Matt Gavin

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