[pptp-server] performance tweaks

robert berzerke at swbell.net
Fri Feb 1 17:12:51 CST 2002

Let me jump in and say at one company was able to get a big speed jump by 
turning off the anti-virus software's scanning of remote files.  I didn't 
measure the jump, but it was very noticable.

On Friday 01 February 2002 11:28 am, Charlie Brady wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Feb 2002, Michael Barsalou wrote:
> > What I think you just said was:
> >
> > Use poptop 1.1.2 (which we are)
> > Out of order packets are caused by internet congestion
> > Your patch may help (how do I get it?)
> It's been posted a couple of times, so you'll find it in the archives. But
> I'd wait until someone else offers an opinion.
> > MTU/MRU's have no real impact with regard to out-of-order packets
> No, I don't know what effect MTU/MRU might have.
> I believe that the "speed" parameter has no effect.

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