[pptp-server] name-resolution doesn't work across VPN

Jeff Fitzsimons fitzsimj at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 12 19:27:27 CST 2002

From: "Charlie Brady" <charlieb at e-smith.com>
> > This is the first installment of my multi-part whinefest.  :-)
> They're *never* popular.

Good to see the old sense of humor is in proper working order, eh?  ;-)

> That sounds very much like a name resolution issue on the Win2k box. Which
> doesn't have a lot to do with pptod, does it?
> I'd advise you to use the so-called unstable pptpd.

Excellent suggestion.  As it turns out, upgrading to the latest (1.1.2)
solved my problem!

As an added benefit, it also solved _all_ my other problems!  Specifically,
I was able to 'browse' (ie use smbclient) from the server-side, but not from
the client side.  Now it's instantly working in both directions!  Yippee!


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