[pptp-server] Cant get PPTP to work over ADSL on RH7.2

Coert Klaver coert.klaver at planet.nl
Fri Feb 22 10:57:08 CST 2002


I'm struggling a few days already to get my ADSL connection working on my 
linux box. The connection itself, the modem and the account are OK, it 
works fine from under NT. I have the following stuff:
- Linux RH 7.2, (2.4.7-10 kernel)
- ppp-2.4.1-2
- pptpd-

My options file looks like (as suggested by another ISP than mine, using 
the same ADSL provider, mxstream ):
idle 0
user xxxxxx at adsl-comfort
lcp-echo-interval 10
lcp-echo-failure 3

my pap-sectrets looks like:
# Secrets for authentication using PAP
# client	server	secret			IP addresses
xxxxxxxx at adsl-comfort * yyyyyy *

The pptpd starts OK, I can see the pptpd logfile and it reports a propper 
start of the pptpd.
On my linux box, eth0 is the NIC on the inside and has, eth1 is 
the NIC on the ADSL modem side and has The modem has I can ping eth1, I can ping the modem. If I ping a external ip 
addres , e.g., I can see the LAN light on the ADSL modem 
flashing, so routing on my box should be OK, the ping is routed to the ADSL 
modem. The TX nor RX light doesn't come up, appearently the connection over 
ADSL is not comming up.
Can somebody hive a hint as to what to check next
Thanks for any suggestion

Coert Klaver

coert.klaver at planet.nl

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