[pptp-server] strange problem...

Timothy Findlay timothy.findlay at austrimtextiles.com.au
Fri Jan 4 02:49:30 CST 2002


Sorry, I think I missed the point explaining the problem, from the laptop,
stage 1 (Internet connection) initially appears ok, then if we goto stage 2
(open the VPN to the office) it works great... and we can stay connected to
the VPN for however many hours without a problem, the issue is if we open
stage 1 (Internet connection) and then open a web browser to look around
the web (forgetting about the VPN to the office) it doesn't go anywhere!

It's almost like the dialup internet connection expects a VPN connection,
and wont do anything by itself. It's not actually the VPN part that is
faulty, its the Internet part.

The crazy part is it was working fine before I installed the VPN support in
Win98, after the Internet+VPN works, but not just Internet.

Does that make any sense ??

Thanks anyway tho,

> Hi there,
> This is also just guessing, but I have notice that something like this
> can happen when you use several PPTP clients behind a NAT router.
> Briefly, when you connect your first client everything works nicely.
> When the second client connects, the actual connection can be
> established ok but after this no data seems to go through (at least for
> the second client) .
> To the VPN server, the first client has sent a number of GRE packets,
> and now the second client starts sending packets using the same source
> IP address (because it is natted), but with new packet order numbers.
> The VPN server can't distinguish between the connections... and things
> fail...
> Well, like I said, this is just guessing.
> Regards,
> Mikael Lönnroth
> www.advancevpn.com <http://www.advancevpn.com>
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> Hi,
> I know this proberly isn't the right place for this question, but not
> quite sure where to go with it.
> I've installed PPTPD on a hacked up RH 7.1 box and the clients connect
> to it fine (works like a charm!). However with 2-3 laptops(running
> Win98 SE), after installing the Microsoft VPN Adapter (which works
> cool) regular internet connections bugger up. When we dial Joe Bloggs
> service provider (which used to work fine) it connects, authenticates,
> looks fine, but when we fire up a web browser it only transfers a tiny
> bit of information and then stops.
> It's almost like it disables the connection, no pings or traceroutes
> work after been connected to the provider for more than say 10-15
> seconds.
> I'm wondering if adding the VPN support (in the Add/Remove Windows
> bits) is overwriting some file somewhere in windows for the TCP/IP
> stack or something.... but I just dont know, most systems work fine
> after adding the VPN stuff, but only these 2-3 Acer laptops seem to
> bugger up.
> Any thoughts ?? Anything I should be looking at ??
> Thanks,
> Tim.

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