[pptp-server] Login to domain

ACEAlex alex at saers.com
Fri Jan 4 14:24:18 CST 2002

Now i got the wins part to work. I have missspelled wins in smb.conf :)..
Dahh, and i also got it to login with a domain specified on the win xp
computer. But it never runs the login script. In fact, it never tuches the
nt domain. Cause when i do \\linux i have to specify a username and

Is it possible for pptp to get the client to run a script when you connect
to it?


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> If either of you have a true WINS server
> running(whether it be Samba or an NT PDC/BDC) just put
> those IP addresses into your VPN dialer(unless you're
> dialing FROM a linux box, then samba should handle
> it).  If you leave the IP/Netmask as and just
> fill in the primary and secondary WINS servers it'll
> work just fine.  Don't forget to change your machine
> to logon to the domain in Control
> Panel->System(2k/w98).  I have this working from my
> Home to my work domain.
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