[pptp-server] OpenBSD 3.0

Sean Eby spebyspam at mindspring.com
Tue Jan 8 16:32:05 CST 2002

    I am noticing a pattern here for people with 619 errors connecting to
poptop from Windows clients.

    1) There seems to be mention of the GRE protocol and its requirement.
    2) The setup of the pppd daemon and its configuration file,
/etc/ppp/ppp.conf (or is /etc/ppp/pppd.conf?)
    3) 'configure' options like --with-bsdppp and --with-ip-alloc
    4) And error in the pptpd.log file such as: 'PTY read or GRE write

    I am also seeing people with OpenBSD machines submitting their logs and
config files with varying options, some there, some aren't.
    My question boils down to this:

    HOW do you setup PoPToP in OpenBSD 3.0? And any version prior? The
HOWTO's on the PoPToP website do not contain the correct instructions for
setting up PoPToP on machines other than what is listed, which is Linux
    I am having the same kinds of problems as other people with the 619
Windows VPN client errors, as well as confusion as to what settings and what
config files need to be set up as well as any compile-time options that need
to be set in order to get this thing working. I don't even need encryption
right now, nor firewall rules, just how to get Windows client Dial-UP VPN
client to work with PoPToP on an OpenBSD server.

Sean Eby
"In my day, we had to smash together hydrogen and oxygen atoms for water."

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