[pptp-server] PoPToP w/MPPE vs Macintosh OSX

Rob Marlow rmarlow at library.uwa.edu.au
Mon Jun 24 01:57:55 CDT 2002

Hi people.

My colleagues and I have been having quite a lot of trouble attempting
to get oup PoPToP PPTP server using MPPE and MS-CHAPv2 to work with a
suitable Macintosh client. I've attempted to use DigiTunnel and PiePants
both to no avail. The problem appears to lie in some problem with
authentication challenges. Basically, both clients ignore these
challenges and the exchange of CCP auth challenges eventually dies out
and LCP termreq's.

I know many people have been having this trouble so no doubt it's been
looked into. Can anybody tell me where this problem lies and whether
it's anywhere near being fixed?


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