[pptp-server] PoPToP w/MPPE vs Macintosh OSX

Rob Marlow rmarlow at library.uwa.edu.au
Mon Jun 24 22:09:20 CDT 2002

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> Sent: Tuesday, 25 June 2002 11:00 AM
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> Subject: Re: [pptp-server] PoPToP w/MPPE vs Macintosh OSX
> Yeah, not that useful.  My mac is dead :-( but I will 
> hopefully have another in maybe a month at which time I'd be 
> happy to look at it (in fact I would need to get this working 
> myself).  If you are able to logs sooner and will have the 
> Mac and a pptp server at your disposal to tweak for the back 
> and forth of email debugging, then please do borrow the Mac.

I got tired of all the walls I'm hitting so I've convinced my supervisor
to let me have an older machine to put a PPTP server on so I have full
access to playing around with it without having to worry about
disrupting current services. If all goes well I'll then go borrow that
Mac and see if I can get some useful logging happening. 

> I am surprised that no one else has chimed in, I would have 
> thought there were more Mac users.

Yeah, there appears to be some digitunnel developers/users on this list.
I'd assumed they would have already brought this up and I could just
carry on where they left off. Ah well. Thanks, Frank. I'll be back when
I have more to report.

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