[pptp-server] help setting up PPTP server

James Cameron cameron at fax.sno.cpqcorp.net
Wed Mar 6 15:37:58 CST 2002

"Chart P." wrote:
> I haven't recompiled my kernel. Because when I test the VPN, and check
> in the process running, I found the pppd process was running
> automatically.
> Do I have to install ppp-mppe into my pptp server? Or I can use the
> default from original?

Yes, no.  If you wish to use mppe, you must install ppp-mppe.

pppd will start without it, but the connection will fail with an error
message in the logs that mentions ppp-compress-18 or something.

(Wish: pptp-linux and pptpd to probe for the module ;-)

James Cameron

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