[pptp-server] Is PoPToP dead?

R. de Vroede r.devroede at linvision.com
Wed Mar 20 10:15:07 CST 2002

As you might know, I maintain the RedHat packages on Binarix. 
Here's my two cents about the future of PPtP.

* Daniel and Matthew from Lineo went to Snapgear and are still
developing PoPToP and will soon release a new version
* PPTP client project is going well on SourceForge.
* Bojan Smojver maintains the Binarix mirror
* I maintain devel.linvision.com where my company hosts custom RedHat
RPMs (like kernel, ppp, pptpd).
* SourceForge sucks major with the lack of control
* Allan and Chris offered to host/mirror
* Chris offered to help with documentation (as do I)
* Christopher offered to host the DNS entry

People, I think we have a nice set of ingredients to make PPTP for linux
a wonderful recipe. All we need is one good cook.


Richard de Vroede
(r.devroede at linvision.com)
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