[pptp-server] Problems connecting pptp linux client to pptpd linux server

Kai Szymanski kai at bs-networks.de
Thu Mar 21 15:29:17 CST 2002

Hi Jenny,

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, jenny jacinta wrote:

>     1) Linux kernel 2.4.18
>     2) Linux-2.4.4-openssl-0.9.6a-mppe.patch applied to the kernel
>     3) PPP-2.4.1
>     4) ppp-2.4.1-MSCHAPv2-fix.patch applied to PPP-2.4.1
>     5) ppp-2.4.1-openssl-0.9.6-mppe-patch applied to PPP-2.4.1
>     6) pptpd-1.1.2.tar.gz (development)
>     7) pptp-linux-1.0.3-1

If have the same problem with kernel 2.4.16 (all the above patches
installed). Windowsclients can connect, Linuxclients not.

Tomorrow i will install 2.4.10 cause i know that pptp Linux<->Linux
works  with these kernel (i also get the answer to patch the kernel and
do so...with no affect).

> any ideas?

Not me :))

> regards,
> jacinta

Best regards,

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