[pptp-server] Accessing the poptop Server

Hauser Marcel marcel_hauser at gmx.ch
Fri Mar 22 15:27:14 CST 2002

Hi everyone

I'am having a lot of connectivity Problems with poptop and W2k Client's.
For example:
- I can connect with winXP/2000 through my external interface at the firewall 
where poptop is running. 

- I can connect from another location through the internet, but only once, 
then i have to reboot the pc (the client) in order to be able to reconnect to 

- I had no success from many other locations (OK.. some have firewalls but 
some not)... even with normal Modem Dialup's to an isp, i was NOT able to 
connect to poptop.

I always endup with the logentries (on those times where to connection was 
send LCP ConfReq
last messages repeated 8 times
LCP: Timeout sending Config-Request

I'am just asking, if somebody else has this Problem too. OK... it looks like 
GRE is blocked somewhere through the internet... but hey !.. if it's so hard 
to get a connection from Everywhere over the internet (let's say through ISP 
Dialup Connections) ...the the whole vpn thing is just useless.

Or am i just doing something wrong ? maybe there is a timeout setting or 
something like that ?

Thanks for any Hints

Cheers Marcel

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