[pptp-server] Solaris PPTP server setup, please help

Shu Liu sliu at secai.com
Wed May 1 02:47:27 CDT 2002


   The below is what I have:

        - Solaris 8
        - Solaris PPTP server source ported by jason.rhoads at sabernet.net

           Compiled and installed successfully on Solaris 8.
        - PPPD v 2.3.11
           Compiled and installed successfully on Solaris 8.

        - Win2K as the PPTP client

     I want to make a PPTP vpn connection on Internet through DSL.
     I am testing on a local LAN right now.

    When I tried to connect, the Win2K gave me 651 error always.
    The Solaris PPTP log says:
      .......:  server connection ESTABLISHED.
      .......:  Socket not accepted: Interrupted system call

    Does anyone know where I can get some instruction, or
    can anyone who have experience to set the PPTP Solaris server
    send me some  sample configuration file ?

Many thanks in advance,
Shu Liu

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