[pptp-server] Wireless Palm Pilot and PPTP??

Rob Seaman rseaman at mergic.com
Fri May 3 12:01:05 CDT 2002

If your still looking then there is a beta version of a Palm OS PPTP client
at http://www.mergic.com.  It won't run over the Palm.net service that the
i705 uses because that's a Mobitex network (not TCP/IP), but it should work
with any of the other wireless networking options for Palm devices.

Rob Seaman

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Subject: [pptp-server] Wireless Palm Pilot and PPTP??

Has anyone seen/used a wireless palm pilot (like the i705, etc.)
software that can run PPTP??

I've seen movianVPN software that allows an IPSec connection from a
Palm, but not PPTP.

Any help?

Sorry if this is too off-topic, but someone here might know.


--Clint Fast
cfast at alliedbuilding.com
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