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Steven Evans steve at netwaynetworks.com.au
Sun May 5 08:21:39 CDT 2002

You need to turn on ip forwarding on your Linux box, then include an
ipchains/iptables rule on your Linux box to forward the traffic on.

I would use:

/sbin/ipchains -A forward -b -s -d -j ACCEPT
-b = bidirectional, I do it out of habit
-s = source (i.e. the vpn laptop)
-d = destination.  The example is to send it to everybody

that is if your Linux box is the default gateway of your other boxes, or
they remember a route to your laptop.  Otherwise they will not know how to
send traffic back to your laptop.  If that is the case, change ACCEPT to
MASQ whichwill masquerade your traffic.


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I have successfully connected to my poptop server using a windows 2000
I have no firewall in the path nor NAT.  This is in a lab environment.

After establishing a connection with the VPN server I can ping my (laptop)
i/f address and the virtual i/f address of the VPN server I cannot ping any
ip address on its internal i/f.

The range of ipaddress issued from the vpn server are on the same network as
the internal i/f on the server.  I also have the same netmask setup in my
options file and I have proxyarp in that same file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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