[pptp-server] Help Please

Al Saenz asaenz at Found-Tech.com
Fri May 3 15:22:32 CDT 2002

Ok everyone

I can ping the internal i/f of my VPN server and ip forwarding is turned on.
Any other ideas?
I still cannot ping past the VPN server into my network

client------------ext vpn int--------------Lan	.179     .101

I can ping the .101 internal i/f, just can't get past it


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You may need to enable packet forwarding on the VPN server to get from the 
virtual connection to the NIC.

>From: Al Saenz <asaenz at Found-Tech.com>
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>Subject: [pptp-server] Help Please
>Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 14:11:41 -0400
>I have successfully connected to my poptop server using a windows 2000
>I have no firewall in the path nor NAT.  This is in a lab environment.
>After establishing a connection with the VPN server I can ping my (laptop)
>i/f address and the virtual i/f address of the VPN server I cannot ping any
>ip address on its internal i/f.
>The range of ipaddress issued from the vpn server are on the same network 
>the internal i/f on the server.  I also have the same netmask setup in my
>options file and I have proxyarp in that same file.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated
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