[pptp-server] help required in PPTP Client

Kapil Verma Kapil_Verma at infosys.com
Mon Oct 7 06:49:22 CDT 2002

I am very new to PPTP.I want a help in PPTP client. 
My quetions are:
1. At the time of PPTP installtion what values (IP addresses) we have to provide for "route"
What route(s) would you like to add when the tunnel comes up?
This is usually a route to your internal network behind the PPTP server.
You can use TUNNEL_DEV and DEF_GW as in /etc/pptp.d/ config file
TUNNEL_DEV is replaced by the device of the tunnel interface.
DEF_GW is replaced by the existing default gateway.
The syntax to use is the same as the route(8) command.
Enter a blank line to stop.
route: add -host gw DEF_GW
route: add -net TUNNEL_DEV

2. When I was tring to run PPTP. It was giving me error that "/usr/ppp/pptp file or directory not found". I searched for this file then I found I dont have it. From where I can get this file? I want this file for UNIX machine.
Thanks in advance!
Please reply fast.....(kapil_verma at infosys.com)
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