[pptp-server] DNS via VPN link

aleksey zakharov aleksey_poptop at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 16 16:58:38 CDT 2002

Thanks allot, this worked when i inserted ms-dns xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx in /etc/ppp/options file (not pptpd.conf file)

However on the client side when I do ipconfig/all I still need to obtain "Connection-specific DNS Suffix" from my vpn server. 

I inserted domain mydomainname but i don't get that mydomainname at the client side. (at this moment it is empty)  So I can only ping computername.mydomainname, and not simply computername 

Any Sugestions.


 Jason Staudenmayer wrote:in pptp.conf make an entry for ms-dns xxx.xxx.xxx.xxxThat should take care of the auto DNS for the pptp client -----Original Message-----
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I have PoPToP and Shorewall (firewall) setup on the same box. When I establish a VPN connection I have to use Local IP addresse to reach machines on the LAN & DMZ. I would like to setup a DNS server so that I can use hostnames. But I need to specify a Local DNS IP address in the ppp configuration so that when I establish a PPP VPN connection I will use DNS provided by my PoPToP.




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