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Sun Jul 8 18:14:56 CDT 2012

pptp-linux is based on pppd, so invocation is very similar:

% pptp hostname [ppp-options]

So, for example, I invoke pptp with:

pptp debug name cananian remotename ntdialup
route add -net netmask gw

You will see three pptp-related processes in your process list: a call
manager, a GRE/PPP en/decapsulator, and pppd.  To shut down the pptp
connection, kill the pppd process.


Most trouble with pptp will probably be due to incorrect pppd
configuration. Be sure you thoroughly understand MS-CHAP support in
pppd.  Use the 'debug' option to pppd to log connection information;
this will help you trouble-shoot the pppd side of pptp.

Did you run a route -net command for the network that you connected to
after the link came up?

Jerry Vonau

Boris Reisig wrote:

> Im having some kind of routing problems with the pptp client. I am
> connected to my poptop server. My local configuration is as
> follows. eth0: 24.x.x.x. ppp0: < got the ip from the
> poptop server>   No routing or anything special done on the client
> side.  Poptop server site:  VPN server ips: remote:,
> localips: eth0: 24.x.x.ppp0: < Poptop
> server> eth1: I have the basic working ipchains rules to
> masqurade the 192.168.0.x subnet for internet. Now I can connect and
> stuff and things are great but their might be a routing issue or
> something. From the client side. I can ping myself [] and
> the remote gateway []. The problem is that I cant ping any
> other remote ip or vice versa. any good ideas?

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