[pptp-server] Numerous Questions (IPX and pptpd.conf)

Carlos Javier Castro Pena jcaspen at ittc.ukans.edu
Thu Aug 19 23:00:28 CDT 1999

> can ipx be routed?

I found this one (but didn't test it):

>    tipxd is an IPX tunneling daemon which snoops on a local network for IPX 802.3 traffic, packages it and sends it
>    over one or many TCP/IP connections to tipxd running on remote machines where it is unpacked and sent via the
>    local network. To the IPX networks, it then appears that the LANs are joined. This is a request for testing and
>    big-finding. It is intended for playing IPX based games where the remote machines are joined only by a TCP/IP
>    network, and typically when the the gaming machines are each behind a firewall

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