[pptp-server] Slightly off topic?

Seth Vidal skvidal at skyrunner.net
Thu Jun 3 15:33:37 CDT 1999

> Hello all, thanks for allowing me to lurk and learn more about pptp.  :)
> I've a problem that's effecting both my pptp and my ppp connections.  I'm
> inclined to thing it's a general ppp problem.
> When I dial into my linux server (vanilla RH5.2) and connect via ppp, *or*
> when I dial into an ISP and use pptp to connect to the server, I can't seem to
> get the right netmask.
> I want the netmask to be - pretty standard.  However, no matter
> where I put the netmask I want, I always get from the server.
> I've put "netmask" in /etc/ppp/options, and in options.tty*
> I've even turned off auth for the time being to troubleshoot the prblem.
> Ergh...

> Any ideas why pppd would ignore my netmask setting and use  I'm
> about to pull out my hair.

if the server end is setting it that way it will ignore your end.

what ip range is it in? 10.x.x.x?
are you running on kernel ver 2.2.X at home.
do you have the auto-add routes "feature" built in?
(it comes on by default on the new kernels)


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