[pptp-server] Slightly off topic?

Brian Dupras bdupras at bigfoot.com
Thu Jun 3 17:29:02 CDT 1999

I guess I wasn't very descriptive about my problem.  :)

The ppp / pptp server is a vanila RH5.2 (kernel 2.0.36)
The clients are mixed Win98 and soon RH6

The clients are set t obtain IP info automatically.
The server is set to hand out 10.0.0.x for an IP and as a netmask.

The problem is that the server seems to be ignoring the netmask setting and is
sending out every time.  This happens when dial in via ppp, or when I
connect via pptp.

Server PPP version is 2.3.5-1
Server PPTP version is 0.8.6-1 from the rpm
Client currently is Win98 w/ PPTP

Seth Vidal wrote:

> > Hello all, thanks for allowing me to lurk and learn more about pptp.  :)
> >
> > I've a problem that's effecting both my pptp and my ppp connections.  I'm
> > inclined to thing it's a general ppp problem.
> >
> > When I dial into my linux server (vanilla RH5.2) and connect via ppp, *or*
> > when I dial into an ISP and use pptp to connect to the server, I can't seem to
> > get the right netmask.
> >
> > I want the netmask to be - pretty standard.  However, no matter
> > where I put the netmask I want, I always get from the server.
> >
> > I've put "netmask" in /etc/ppp/options, and in options.tty*
> > I've even turned off auth for the time being to troubleshoot the prblem.
> > Ergh...
> > Any ideas why pppd would ignore my netmask setting and use  I'm
> > about to pull out my hair.
> if the server end is setting it that way it will ignore your end.
> what ip range is it in? 10.x.x.x?
> are you running on kernel ver 2.2.X at home.
> do you have the auto-add routes "feature" built in?
> (it comes on by default on the new kernels)
> -sv
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