[pptp-server] Can't surf the web when connected to pptpd server

David Luyer luyer at ucs.uwa.edu.au
Mon Jun 7 00:22:08 CDT 1999

> Anyone can help with this issue when I am connected to the pptpd server =
> I can't not access the web (passing by a proxy) but all other stuff work =
> (irc, ftp, email...) this things are not passing by a proxy! but for the =
> web my provider force me to use a web proxy any issue about that I am on =
> a windows 98 station and if I disconnect the pptp connection well I can =
> access the web everything come back!

I'd suggest that it's something like that your IP address when using pptp
is not permitted access to the proxy you're trying to access, or on the
path between the pptp server and the proxy a firewall is stopping port 80

I suspect it's not a pptpd issue.


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