[pptp-server] Samba and pptpd

Seth Vidal skvidal at skyrunner.net
Fri Jun 11 18:12:21 CDT 1999

> Ok I set up Samba server with,
>  domain master = yes
>  preferred master = yes
> And the nmbd log looks happier now:
>   Samba name server SERVER is now a local master browser for workgroup
>   MYWG on subnet
> I set up the DNS and WINS servers in the VPN "Server Types" dialog,
> and winipcfg displays the correct IP addresses for them once I bring
> up the VPN link.
> But when trying to mount a drive I still get,
>   The following error occured while trying to connect
>   F: to \\SERVER\username
>   The network is not accesssible.
>   For more informantion, look in the Help Index
>   at the topic 'Network Troubleshooter'.
> I'm puzzled.
> I noticed that in MS VPN Adapter Properties, under
> Bindings it has "[x] NDISWAN -> ...".  Should this
> be unchecked?
> Q: Is there an equivalent to "nslookup" for testing
> WINS name resolution?

yeah net view \\servername

dumb question.

do you have the client for ms networks installed?


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