[pptp-server] pptp from NT

tmk tmk at netmagic.net
Sun May 9 18:14:31 CDT 1999

> 1. I had the Encrypted passwords selected.

i think encrypted passwords is ok.. perhaps the chap stuff is bad? check
keep in mind that win9x/NT usernames take the form DOMAIN_NAME\\username

> Changed this, still nothing coming back from the PPtP server.
> /etc/ppp/options:
> root at pro pptpd-0.8.0]# more /etc/ppp/options
> local
> ipcp-accept-remote
> ipcp-accept-local
> debug
> silent
> lock
> name pro

this will make it so every incoming call on pptp has the username "pro".
is that what you want? I *think* you also need the "auth" command in your
options file (warning, this will probably break any other outgoing calls you
make with ppp) I suggest you make a different ppp-options file just for

some logs to check if things don't work:
"tail /var/log/messages"
will give you the last few things that were logged to the system. this
includes bad ppp logins etc.

the pptpd log file contains some information, though from your earlier log,
it looked like pptp was working ok, but it was dieing in pppd.. (probably a
password problem)

> [snip]

> Im a little fuzzy on this part of the pptp.conf:
> localip
> remoteip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

these are the ip's for the pptp connection only. the localip is the address
you want the client to have on your network, the remote can basically be
anything you want - unless you're routing between networks, it doesn't

why don't you go ahead and just email me directly when you have more
questions. We'll post the final solution to the mailing list.. i'm at
tmk at netmagic.net


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