[pptp-server] PoPToP v0.8.2 released

Mike McQuade mmcquade at aa.net
Mon May 10 20:40:54 CDT 1999

I downloaded this, and hit a snag:

./configure -- worked ok.

Then tried to make:

[root at pro pptpd-0.8.2]# make
cd . && autoheader
/usr/bin/autoheader: Symbol `PACKAGE' is not covered by 
/usr/bin/autoheader: Symbol `VERSION' is not covered by 
make: *** [stamp-h.in] Error 1
[root at pro pptpd-0.8.2]#

does anyone know what that means ?



At 01:22 AM 5/11/99 +0000, you wrote:
>Hiya all,
>I've uploaded v0.8.2 of PoPToP.

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