[pptp-server] seperate configurations connecting....

David Luyer luyer at ucs.uwa.edu.au
Fri Sep 3 01:05:08 CDT 1999

Russell Dill wrote:

> What if you need different types and classes of clients connecting --
> ie -- client A is a win98 machine and needs proxyarp access to network X
>     -- client B is a linux box with a network of its own, when this box
> connects, routes to its network need to be added and vice-versa (ie
> client b is 10.10.5.x and server is 10.2.0.x)
>    -- client C is a win98 client and should only have access to the
> linux server.

Then you should probably use pppd-ip-alloc and do some hacking to pppd - or
maybe something like the radius-aware pppd would already be able to do most of 

> I took a quick look at pppd,and it doesn't look that difficult...the
> paths header file could be modified to contain a global variable that is
> set to the path name. I have no clue what would have to be done to pptp.

I believe the best approach here is to do nothing to pptp - base everything
on the username and make pppd behave differently for different usernames,
either using an existing modification such as radius-aware or erpcd-aware
pppd or using a custom change of your own.


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