[pptp-server] speed issues and ppp.c compile problems

Jose M. Sanchez opjose at ex-pressnet.com
Tue Aug 1 17:24:22 CDT 2000

This might be a fragmentation problem.

PPTP needs to encapsulate the entire PPP TCP/IP packet WITHIN another IP

The problem is that the "inner" packet does not "fit".

In your PPTP options file (make sure that you are getting the right one, it
does no good for you to modify your PPP options file to connect to your
ISP!) reduce the size of the MTU & MRU values...


mru 1400
mtu 1400

Smaller still if you are using encryption...

That said, note that the PPTP speed will indeed be SLOWER than your normal
connection rate.

I've recently read a few discussions which indicated that the maximum speed
is approximately 1/2 your bandwidth speed if encryption is enabled.

Post your results.



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|After successfully installing pptp and friends on a 486-66 box, we found
|that the VPN established was so slow as to be unusable--even with a T1
|connection on the server side and a cable modem (600+Kbps downstream,
|128+Kbps upstream) on the client side.  My first question then is, What
|are the minimum hardware requirements for the PoPToP Server?  I should
|add that our main goal is to run a client application over the VPN.
|(The software is a print-management system for the commercial printing
|industry running on an NT box with MS SQL Server.  The NT pptp server
|wouldn't work at all and, besides, it's Not Scottish!)
|I am already trying to re-install on a P133 box, but have run into
|compilation problems.  I am using a stock Red Hat 2.2.14 kernel and
|tarballs of OpenSSL 0.9.5 and ppp-2.3.11.  I applied the appropriate
|ppp/openssl/mppe patch before compiling, but when I ran "make modules"
|it bombed out on the ppp.c compile, giving errors to the effect of
|"static declaration for X follows non-static" where X is
|ppp_register_compressor and ppp_unregister_compressor.  Did I miss a
|patch somewhere or must I be running a 2.2.16 kernel?
|Thanks in advance!
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