[pptp-server] LAN to LAN pptp connection (ipchains involved)

Gord Belsey gord at amador.ca
Tue Aug 8 09:56:10 CDT 2000

Hi Jeffery:

One thing to watch for is the Cicso firewall....it has to allow both TCP
port 1723 and protocol 47 (gre) through.  The gre is a separate access
list....I don't have it handy, but if you have CCO access Cisco TAC will set
you up.

Hope this is helpful

Gord Belsey
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Subject: [pptp-server] LAN to LAN pptp connection (ipchains involved)

> Hello All,
> I have been running Poptop and WinNT PPTP and a linux pptp client rather
> flawlessly several ways.  My next solution is a PPTP LAN to LAN
> I have tried several ways to configure PPTP and ipchains but I believe it
> an ipchains problem where I get stupid.  Here is my scenario:
> Windoze LAN --> Linux IPCHAINS FW / PPTP client --> Internet --> Cisco
> based FW --> PPTP Server (WinNT)
> If I don't have any ipchains rules running, the Linux pptp client works
> great and from that box I can see the entire PPTP server LAN.  What I want
> to do is route all of the traffic from my Windoze LAN thru the PPTP server
> LAN.  I have said to accept the PPTP client and server ip range and also
> PPTP serve ip lan range.  No good.  I think I am missing something w/
> I can give you my ipchains script if you want.
> Anyone interested in tackling this one with me?  I would appreciate any
> all help as usual.
> -Jeff
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