[pptp-server] pptp.conf, options: where to put what?

michael.kappler at primedisc.com michael.kappler at primedisc.com
Mon May 15 11:31:40 CDT 2000

Hi John,

many thanks for your answer. I got nearly the hole thing running now. As
far as I understood, you started to selling VPN solutions on a Linux base.
One question: How have you solved the problem of client authentification
against an NT-domain?

I have a lot of Win98SE clients that connect to our old WINNT VPN server.
They always got a popup-box asking for their Username/Password and the
Is there a way to force this on my linux?

Up to now they can access my linux VPN server and browse the network
neighborhood if they supply the right password and username for my
VPN-server and if the Win98SE clients have the right workgroup name set in
their network settings. If not (e.g. my VPN-client at home is connected to
my home domain), I can access the linux VPN server at work but can't browse
the network neighborhood ('cause my client sends the domainname of my
home-domain) and can't connect to any shares. I get asked for the password
for that share, but when I fill in the right password (I am sure that it is
the right one :-)) I get an user authorization failure. I think this the
same domain name problem.

Is there a way to force the Win98/NT-domain login popup, where I can put in
the right info for the remote domain at dialin? Or to force a popup if I
supplied the wrong username/password/domain info?

Thanks so far


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