[pptp-server] Re: smbpasswd for pppd

michael.kappler at primedisc.com michael.kappler at primedisc.com
Thu May 18 01:09:38 CDT 2000

Hi Jes,

I've tried it with different 'secrets' in my chap file. * * &/etc/smbpasswd
* (which is the acutal location of the smbpasswd) as the only entry, as the
last entry and without this entry. I've checked the writing and everything
around. No success. If I put the real usernames and passwords into the
chap-secrets file it works perfect but it doesn't really satisfy my needs.
At the moment we have some field workers that connect their notebooks to
our LAN.
I try to replace our existing VPN/RAS NT 4.0 SP5 server by a linux box, but
if I can't get around the 'authentification against a NT domain' problem
and the connection speed problems at my linux box I have to switch back to
Windows (this would be the first time, that a Windoze server can do, what a
linux box can't :-<, what a shame!!! ).

I'm only connecting Windows NT and 98SE clients to the pptpd. I haven't
tried to connect an other linux to it, because there is no need for it.



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