[pptp-server] Want pptpd server to assign routes to clients when then connect

Igor Maciel Macaubas igor.maciel at mailbr.com.br
Thu Jun 6 10:46:38 CDT 2002


Well, let me see if I understand what you want to do:
You want to add a route to your clients when they connect, at Server side?
If is this what you want, you can use the ip-up.local script, that depending
of the version of your pppd, may be located in /etc/ppp/ or
This is script is executed imediatly after the connection of the client - so
you can make a bash script to add this routes dinamically.
But if you want to add a route at client side, I don't think that pppd/pptpd
can carry this. I think that you want to make some really crazy system to do
If you want any help in seting-up this script (ip-up.local), please send me
e-mails in private and be sure that i'll help as I can!

igor.maciel at mailbr.com.br

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then connect

> I'm already aware of the option in the client side (windows) vpn
> option to use default route. However, unless I want all their Internet
> traffic to run through my vpn server that is not a good option.
> Everything works fine in that the vpn client connects, is given an ip,
> I want to be able to add (as many as needed) routes to the client upon
> connection.
> Currently I have to manually type the  add route command from the command
> line after the client connects to get the desired results. Sure, I can
> script that on the client side, but when there can be scores of different
> people connecting that is inefficient to have to distribute and setup this
> script for everyone. I want the server to assign the routes in typical ISP
> fashion. Since pptp is based on ppp isn't there some simple script I can
> somewhere that will do this?
> Any help is most appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -Art
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